Flickr, I Want to Leave You

betsy smith, elliot smith and maggie smith in nebraska

But the reason that I can’t is the photo above.

You’re as inextricably joined to that road trip from Naperville, IL to Boulder, CO as the $5,000 cash eBay van that we made it in during the summer of 2006.

That van, Slowsky, was our charriot to the gates of the West and Flickr was our carrier pigeon to family and friends as we traversed.

For the life of me I can’t figure out where you went wrong. All the wrongs though, over the years have added up though – and here we are.

I’ve given you three months to get yourself put back together. I don’t mean in that same old way that  you are now, looking like time stopped in 2007 . . . I mean in a way that says, “I’m older now, more mature. You might even think I’m wiser. I’m ready to lead.”

Show us that Flickr. The one that is self-aware and recognizes the passion that its members had and still have for good, quality photography with the trappings of knowledgable communities.

Members, us, me, we have literally shared the times of their lives with you for almost a decade. Please act that way. Lead.

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